A message from Dr Martin Zaltz Austwick, Course Director

talkoThe MRes in Spatial Data Science and Visualisation is an exciting course for us – it takes elements of the innovative MRes in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation and adds quantitative and data manipulation methods, creating a degree with very strong analytical and creative elements, building towards a substantial research project. The combination of skills you will learn are cutting edge and really can’t be found elsewhere. Even more importantly, there are few places which bring together these groups of people: social scientists and humanities scholars learn GIS, programming, data analysis and management, and mathematics – and computer scientists, GIS boffins and mathematicians learn how to apply their skills to data visualisation, mapping, large-scale open social data, and virtual environments. It’s a degree where our students develop and apply quantitative and design skills in a research-intensive environment, share their expertise and experiences, and learn from one another – as well as from the world-leading team of experts on our teaching staff. As a Physics PhD who’s since worked in data visualisation and analysis, it’s the degree I wish had existed when I graduated.

Our students come from a diverse range of disciplinary backgrounds, and we encourage anyone with the desire and enthusiasm to learn these techniques to apply – we don’t expect you to be a seasoned coder when you start, but by the time you leave you’ll have seen how we use Python, R, Processing, and MySql, along with a range of GIS and 3D visualisation packages, to forge creative approaches to exploring real-world questions in geography, architecture, technology, design and governance. This is a challenging course that pushes creative people to develop their technical skills and technical people to understand how their expertise fits into a societal context – and if you’re one of those people, we’d love to hear from you!

Martin Zaltz Austwick
March 2015