Introduction to Programming for Architecture and Design

Led by Dr Martin Zaltz Austwick, BENVGACH Introduction to Processing for Architecture and Design covers the rudiments of programming using Processing, a Java-based language created for visual designers, architects and artists. Through the course, students learn how to use core Processing methods, and transferable programming techniques, to create programming solutions to visualisation and analysis problems.

The course begins with the elements of a Processing sketch, through variables, methods, classes, loops and conditionals, into applications in data visualisation, 3D environments, image processing and user interaction. The module is designed to take beginners through to intermediate programmers, learning about Java syntax and Processing’s powerful capabilities.


Street Scene – Yuefeng Jiang, 2014

Bus travel in Toronto - Martin Barner, 2014

Bus travel in Toronto – Thomas Russell, 2014

3D scene by Martin Barner

Interactive 3D scene – Martin Barner, 2014