Data Science for Spatial Systems

Led by Dr Ed Manley Data Science for Spatial Systems will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to handle, process, and analyse large datasets. The aim of the module is to not only introduce the technical skills required to process data, but also the thought process required in approaching a data analysis problem.

Through the course you’ll understand how to use databases to store large datasets, and how SQL scripting can be used to access and process this data. Building on the lessons learnt during Quantitative Methods, this module will extend your skills in Python, using relevant libraries to clean, explore and analyse complex data. Through the course you’ll learn how and where to apply regression, classification and clustering machine learning methods to gain maximum insight into your data.
Community Detection in London Taxi Journeys

Community Detection in London Taxi Journeys

Principal Component Analysis of Fisher's Iris dataset

Principal Component Analysis of Fisher’s Iris dataset